Bible Readings for 4/9/2022

Joshua 14

Psalms 73:1-15

Proverbs 29:17-27

Isaiah 10:20-34

2 Samuel 9

Mike’s Notes

Joshua 14 – Inheritance West of the Jordan. On the west side of the Jordan River, the 9. 5 tribes would receive their inherited plot of land. Caleb and Joshua were the only two men out of a large group that came back with a good report and this earned them their choice of land. Caleb chose Hebron which was inhabited by the Anakim or descendants of Anak the giant. Normally, this would not be a job given to an 85-year-old man who had endured conflict. The thing is, Caleb, just like Joshua, knew and trusted the Lord. Because of this, he was willing to put his life on the line to conquer and build up Hebron. Defeating the giants that confront us is never easy but by faith in our Lord and in ourselves, even the tallest and strongest one can be defeated.

Psalms 73:1-15 – My G-d Is My Strength and Portion Forever. When we come to the Lord and accept His salvation, we become the target of the enemy the Devil. The Devil is not like mankind because he always starts his attacks from the inside and moves to the outside. Remember this, the Devil knows all about us, what turns us on, what turns us off, and all of our emotional triggers. Because of this, he knows how long to hold out the carrot and when to pull it in. Consider the modern-day commercials showing the opulent lifestyles of the rich and famous, weight loss, and/or wealth schemes each of these speaks to the terrible condition we are in and how ____ will solve the problem. The thing is, G-d’s word flies in the face of the enemy’s schemes because He tells us what will happen when the ground is taken from underneath of sin leaving it vulnerable and empty; anyone caught in sin’s trap will face the same issues and consequences.

Proverbs 29:17-27 – Proverbs for Life. The definition of pride is, “a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired”. Many of us have visited Pride’s camp and at first, life is good. The longer we stay in that camp the prouder we become and the less we see our broken estate. Like Lo Debar, there is no central leadership everyone is ruler over their broken domain. The problem with this setup is that the camp is always subject to attacks because there is no unity in the camp and is “each man for himself”. Those who chose to stay out of the camp by remaining humble no matter what position or class they are in, end up enjoying greater peace and joy even when they are mistreated.

Isaiah 10:20-34 – The Remnant of Israel Will Return. When Israel was sent into exile some 50 years after this was penned, they went out like a bag of filth. Mighty Jerusalem was the city of the Great King David so it seemed. Yet, if one did not know any better he/she would never have known that the bag soon band of vagrants was once wealthy. When the remnant returned some 70 years later, it was barely a noticeable event. As we’ll find out later in the minor prophets it would not be an easy time as they would have to fight for every inch of victory. The same is said of us when we become sinful after enjoying the blessings of the Lord. You see, the Lord doesn’t put up with sin and it doesn’t matter who it is or what position he/she held. As we’ll find out later, the prominent priest would become as low and as filthy, as hungry, and sick as the vagrant. Sin DOES NOT care about what class of people we are in or how much money we have. Sin leaves people as broke as church mice and scared as the same (Mike Krier). When we got out broken, we will come back humble, pliable, and useful to the Kingdom of G-d (Mike Krier).

2 Samuel 9 – David’s Kindness to Mephibosheth. Mephibosheth was the son of Jonathan. After Ish-Bosheth was assassinated, Saul’s servants ran for their lives. One of the servant girls was taking care of young Mephibosheth and inadvertently dropped him breaking his ankles (2 Samuel 4:1-3). David could have forgotten his vow to Jonathan and nobody would know about it. The thing is though, Jonathan had put himself in danger of being killed by his father for cavorting with the enemy. When the vow was made, it was not just between two good friends but with a 3rd party, “The Lord”. Lo DeBar was a wicked city located just north of the Jabbock river near Mahnaiam (Lo Debar). The Hebrew word for Mahanaim is roughly translated as “Two Camps” basically the proverbial “Fork in the road”. Mephibosheth had grown up in this wicked city so he had learned their customs. In a way, this man was born again because he was no longer the vagrant begging for his meals he was a child of the great King David. The property owned by Jonathan was given to Mephibosheth making him a wealthy man. Ziba, the man who had cared for Mephibosheth would be held accountable for tending the property.

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