Bible Readings for 4/10/2022

Joshua 15:1-19

Psalms 73:16-28

Proverbs 30:1-14

Isaiah 11

2 Samuel 10

Mike’s Notes

Joshua 15:1-19 – Allotment for Judah. Judah’s allotment of land was approximately 3,245 Square Miles (New World Encyclopedia). In the middle of the land was the city “Hebron” which was given to Caleb specifically. Caleb was from the tribe of Judah. Hebron, as I mentioned yesterday, was not an easy place t capture because of the giants in the land. By the power of the Lord and the determination of Caleb, he successfully defeated the giants. The man who would defeat the giants in the surrounding land of Kierath-Sephare would be permitted to marry Caleb’s daughter. Caleb’s nephew would accept the challenge and conquer the land. The point of this is, that when we are given a task or a reward, we must put the work into it. The reason He does that is so we have a vested interest in the project and we then share in the rewards. If we invest nothing in the ministry or it “cost us nothing”, it will be forgotten as easily as when a 4-year-old child discards a hamster.

Psalms 73:16-28 – G-d is My Strength and Portion Forever. It is not hard nor is it inconceivable that people get confused in this world. The people who operate by worldly principles are continually fighting the battle of “who will be king of my life”. The world teaches us that “we are the King of our life”. The problem is, the kingdom consists of one person “Me”. So when battles start I am unprepared for the battles that will ensue because I have one person to call on “me”. Ben Franklyn once said, “The person who is his/her own lawyer has a fool for a client”. Well, the same applies to listening to our counsel when comes to matters of “righteousness versus unrighteousness”. One would think that if listen to other people and apply their standards we’ll be safe. The problem is, “Who do I believe in a world where each man can live according to his beliefs?”. Add to the mix the unrighteous succeed where the righteous are embattled so we ask ourselves “why does G-d allow this to go on? Is there a ‘True G-d or not?’”. David supplies the answer to both questions: “I went into the sanctuary of G-d and then I discerned their end” (16-17).

Proverbs 30:1-14 – The Words of Agur. While we are not told who Agur is nor his connection to the teacher but what we do know about him is that he is confused. He wanted to live a righteous life in an unrighteous world which leads to confusion and conflicts. This man did not doubt the Lord nor His word but because the world’s ways are 180 degrees out of sync with G-d’s ways, navigating the treacherous pathways is not as easy as we are led to believe hence the “narrow pathway”. This was a simple man who asked for his daily needs (7-9). The world has its ways but I do not need to be part of it nor implicate myself in their plans. As children of G-d, we are called to live by a “Higher Standard” just as Israel had been from the days in the wilderness to the conquest of Canaan. The reason we are held to a different standard is that if we act like the world and conquer something or get a promotion by the world’s standard we will be seen as “another bad-news person”. Jesus was a different type of King because he did not have an earthly throne or an earthly crown. His Kingdom is in Heaven and His crown is “Righteousness”. Those who seek to be in His Kingdom must live by the standards of the Kingdom.

Isaiah 11 – The Righteous Reign of the Branch. After the nation was sent into exile, the kingdom line of David was effectively cut off leaving a stump as a reminder. The coming King Jesus would be from the line of Jesse or a branch that grew from the stump. Jesus would use words and actions to reach out to the tribes to draw them to himself. The fruit that he would bare would be seen in the disciples and those who had accepted the message and come to know the Lord. Striking the earth just as it would be for “Killing the wicked” was not done “physically” but “spiritually”. Jesus’ actions would fly in the face of conventional thinking. Those that would accept his message and bring it to hurt and the dying world would do so under the banner of “Righteousness”.

2 Samuel 10 – David Defeats Ammon and Syria. Undoubtedly one of the most staggering issues of mankind is the ability to start wars unnecessarily. The delegation sent by David meant no harm to Ammon or Hanun. It was not the humiliation suffered by the delegation that started the war. The war was caused by Ammon lining up in battle formation and calling in outside help. Although the Princes of the land suggested the course of action, the King was responsible for all of the events that played out in his kingdom. When the Syrians were hired to help them, the King unknowingly committed his nation to serve a foreign kingdom win, lose, or draw. David’s best wish for Hanun was that he would successfully rule over the kingdom of Ammon. Instead, Ammon and Syria would serve Israel through forced labor. As is normal for mankind, we start trouble and then consider how to deal with the consequences.

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