Bible Readings for 4/12/2022

Joshua 16

Psalms 75

Proverbs 31:1-9

Isaiah 13

2 Samuel 11:14-27

Mike’s Notes

Joshua 16 – An Allotment for Ephraim and Manasseh. Ephraim and Manasseh were the two children born to Joseph and his Egyptian wife. Joseph was given a double portion of Jacob’s blessing because of his faithfulness in Egypt. Ephraim was the youngest of the two sons but received the best portion of the land but we are not told why. The Canaanites that remained in the land after the conquest would serve the Ephraimites until the Ephraimites became weak.

Psalms 75 – G-d Will Judge with Equity. When we walk in the shout of the Lord and obey His laws and precepts, the world will say “You are nuts”. Yet, when you compare the two outcomes they are out of sync with each other. When the seeds of sin are first planted, we think “I don’t see anything negative about it” and that is because it takes time to germinate. Look at how marriages are ruined by illicit unions or how G-d children are ruined by drugs and/or alcohol. The Devil will tell us “there’s nothing wrong with sin, G-d just doesn’t understand your needs” (2-5). The Lord is not hasty in his decisions and takes no pleasure in sending people to the gates of Hell. Yet it is our decisions that carry us or capsize us in the storms. My choice is and will always be “Despite what the world does and/or says, I will honor the Lord and will wait to hear what He will say”.

Proverbs 31:1-9 – It’s Not For Kings. It is not G-d’s desire to see his children ruined by sin. Just because something is written, it doesn’t mean that G-d “demands it of us. From the historical records of the kings, we see the outcome of sin. So we can either follow it and grow in faith or disobey it and become the next historical reference of sinful failure. Remember, people like Solomon and his successors did not know any more about the future than you or I. So, they did not know that their actions would cause the nation to collapse any more than you or I. Our future is intricately linked to what we do today.

Isaiah 13 – The Judgment of Babylon. Babylon was the sword of the Lord against Jerusalem. By the end of 586, there would not be a single stone nor any evidence that a favored nation had dwelled in the land. The thing is, Babylon wasn’t chosen because of a “special status with the Lord”, but because they were available. When Israel crossed the Jordan centuries earlier, they were warned to be faithful and that they were not chosen because “they were something special”, they were chosen because of the faithfulness of their ancestors. When Babylon became sinful in the years following Nebuchadnezzar the Medes were sent against it, followed by the Persians, the Greeks, and lastly the Romans.

2 Samuel 11:14-27 – David and Bathsheba. David had committed a sin and Plan A “make it seem like Uriah had impregnated his wife” failed. Now, he had to act on Plan B which was to have Uriah killed so that Uriah would not find out about the King’s sexual indiscretion. Initially, the union was pleasurable and quite possibly fulfilling. The problem was that the aftermath of the incident brought great sorrow. Now the issue was on a collision course that would crash an otherwise successful reign. Uriah was killed during the battle against the Ammonites but David held onto the shank of the sword which implicated him in the killing.

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