Bible Readings for 4/15/2022

Joshua 18:1-10

Psalms 78:1-20

Ecclesiastes 1

Isaiah 15

2 Samuel 12:15-31

Mike’s Notes

Joshua 18:1-10 – Allotment of the Remaining Land. Gad, Reuben, ½ tribe of Manasseh would get the land on the east side of the Jordan. The remaining ½ tribe of Manasseh, Ephram, and Judah had been given a tract of land and went to take over the land. The remaining tribes sat around waiting for Joshua. So the remaining portion of the land was surveyed and lots would be cast by the leadership. The Levites would not receive land, they would be parceled a small tract in each community to grow their food. The remaining tribes would receive their property “by chance”. The practice of casting lots or “cleromancy” was used many times in the Old and New Testaments. This was seen as the only “fairway” for making decisions.

Psalms 78:1-20 – Tell the Coming Generations. This is a teaching Psalm and reiterates the words of Moses the servant of the Lord. When the Lord teaches us things whether in writing or as part of a life lesson, we owe it to ourselves and our posterity to document them. In the years following the walk across the Red Sea, not all of the people who crossed the sea on dry land were the same ones at the mountain. There were no books and no internet to document the events so it was incumbent on the parents to tell their children. G-d’s laws have not changed since the time of Moses as seen in the scriptures. What changes is “names and faces” and they will not learn if we do not tell them. When you read the Old Testament books, you will notice that the writers did not omit the events that could bring egg on their faces. The reason for this is that by knowing what happens when people are disobedient as well as those who were obedient, the reader can make an informed decision. Disobedience is nothing new to the world around us today. The reason sin is prevalent in our world today has always been that we did not read G-d’s law and write a copy for ourselves so that we can study all of the days of our life.

Ecclesiastes 1 – All is Vanity. This book is a rather sad commentary about what happens when life becomes meaningless. Solomon the king and teacher in Jerusalem was granted wisdom to lead the kingdom of his father David. According to him, Solomon had nothing else he could learn on earth because everything has already happened and will happen again. When we find no joy in the small but precious of G-d, we become despondent and simply go through the motions never growing and never finding joy – How pitiful. The date this book was written is a matter of debate. Some believe, because of the appearance of the Greek Fatalistic style that the book was written post-exilic and attributed to Solomon. Others believe the book was written toward the end of his life as a reflection (Biologos).

Isaiah 15 = An Oracle Concerning Moab. The Moabites whose lineage stems from Lot’s oldest daughter (Genesis 19:30-38) had been in existence from the 14th – to 5th century BC. In 582, Babylon would capture the kingdom and completely destroy it (Moab). The Moabites, are related to Abraham through his nephew Lot which is where we get the meaning of Moab “water of the father” (meaning). The tribe lived on the Western Bank of what is now known as Jordan. During the time when there was an extreme famine in Bethlehem, Naomi, her husband Elimelech, and her two sons Malon and Chilian relocated to Moab (Ruth 1). The thing is, Moab was a wicked kingdom as had been their history. This was the reasoning behind the nation’s utter and complete destruction down to the last man/woman/child.

2 Samuel 12:15-31 – David’s Child Dies. The illegitimate child of David and Bathsheba died as was prophesied. For seven days David prayed fasted hoping upon hope that the Lord would change His mind. The problem, as David knew all too well, it was a closed matter and the Lord wasn’t about to change His mind. Remember this whole drama was over David’s doing and I believe in keeping with His grace, the child died so that the child would not suffer for the parent’s actions. A point must be made here and that is, once a matter is closed and the judgment was given, it is time to move. David later took Bathsheba into his home and they had another child through the union – Solomon or Jedidiah “Loved by G-d”. Joab captured Rabah of the Ammonites to which David and the remaining soldiers helped to capture the land. The gold crown was taken off of the king and put on David’s head. If David had not come Joab would have assumed the throne and named the city after himself. Joab was an opportunist although fiercely loyal to David. The Ammonites that were captured would be subscripted to forced labor until the time Solomon’s kingdom was in collapse.

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