Bible Readings for 4/19/2022

Joshua 21

Psalms 80

Ecclesiastes 3:9-15

Isaiah 19:1-15

2 Samuel 15:1-12

Mike’s Notes

Joshua 21 – Cities and Pasturelands Allotted to Levi. Concerning the Lord’s command, pasturelands were allotted to the tribe of Levi. The pasturelands were used to raise livestock for “sacrifice”. The cities were the living quarters for the priests in each community. The Priests were not exonerated from working to feed themselves. So all of the promises that the Lord gave to the nation were fulfilled in the closing years of Joshua’s life.

Psalms 80 – Restore Us, O G-d. The Israelites, like all of mankind, lived an up and down spiritual life. In the times of the good kings, the people served the Lord wholeheartedly. When the evil kings and the one evil queen came to power, the people went with the flow. In the good times, the people served the gods of the world. When the bad times set in, they were humbled and changed the direction of their life. The question is, “How long will G-d put up with rebellion?”. Does He have limits? The answer to those questions is, that He does not put up with rebellion and gives us trouble in increasing amounts until we say “Uncle”; the problem is, many, including me, refused to listen until we reach the bottom. When we set our hearts on serving the Lord and are faithful to see our vows through, He will begin the healing process. Will we cry over our misgivings and be painfully reminded of those we hurt? Absolutely! Being restored does not mean everything is back as it was before our actions, it means a new course is charted.

Ecclesiastes 3:9-15 – The G-d-Given Task. Finding joy in our labors is sometimes difficult because we see the workload ahead of us. We have no control over our world and nor do we have “tomorrow”. So we are to make use of “today”. This is G-d’s enduring world, He made it, He watches over it, and He heals it. He is from all eternity, He has seen countless generations come and go, watched their foolishness, and admired their beauty. It is for these reasons that we need to serve him not our idols which are our jobs, our religion, and/or life.

Isaiah 19:1-15 – An Oracle Concerning Egypt. In the ancient world, Egypt was a powerful kingdom and had many dealings with Israel (Egypt). In the time of Joseph Egypt opened its arms to welcome the Israelites in honor of Joseph. In the time of Moses, Egypt was the evil taskmaster. When the people left Egypt, they were commanded “do not go back to Egypt” but, the nation did not listen. At the time of this writing, the exile was about to come to fruition. When Babylon set out on conquest, it captured every kingdom in its wake that would include Egypt. The problems Egypt experienced started with Civil War. The Egyptians worshipped Pharaoh and their gods were mere idols to whom they brought their offerings. When the wars started, the people which included Pharaoh sought out guidance from their gods, necromancers, sorcerers, and mediums (1-3). The Nile is an ancient river that provides irrigation for the crops of Egypt for millennia. According to climatologists, the mighty Nile is drying up due to extreme drought and this prophecy was uttered over 3000 years ago. In essence, the Lord is taunting Egypt and yet challenging them to see who is G-d and who is not. The Israelites waited over 400 years before holding a prayer vigil before they were freed from Egypt. How long will you wait to be freed from your “Egypt”?

2 Samuel 15:1-12 – Absalom’s Conspiracy. If ever there was something that Joab regretted, it was bringing the young man Absalom back from exile. Absalom’s conspiracy was a “Grassroots movement” in that he first had 50 men run ahead of his chariot which made it seem like something big was about to happen. The reason for making his ostentatious claims was to impress the people and make it seem like “He would be the champion for the people”. Remember, these were simple, not learned people it was for this reason that they were referred to as “the sheep of the pasture” because they needed to be led and directed or they would listen to anything. David carefully led these people and did so with integrity until the time of Bathsheba. The people had no idea what Absalom was up to nor what kind of man he was all they had was an “empty promise”. The reason for going to Hebron was because it was where David first established his kingdom. This play was 4 years in the making and because nothing was done, it set the stage for the next Act.

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