Bible Readings for 4/22/2022

Joshua 22:10-34

Psalms 82

Ecclesiastes 4

Isaiah 20

2 Samuel 15:18-37

Mike’s Notes

Joshua 22:10-34 – Eastern Tribes Altar of Witness. Because the tribal leaders would not be around for all time, the 2.5 tribes built an altar at the demarcation line. This altar would remind the future generations on both sides of the Jordan that the people on the eastern side did participate in the conquest and that the same Lord who is worshipped on the west side is the same one on the east side. Unfortunately, the only true way to keep a record of the promises is to put things in writing. At that time there was no lawyer to go to and no paper to write on so the people chiseled the promises on an unmovable wall. As I mentioned yesterday, the men who chiseled a covenant to serve the Lord spoke for themselves and not for the people they left behind.

Psalms 82 – Rescue the Weak and Needy. One of the biggest questions many people ask is, “what’s my purpose here on earth?”. When we feel we have no purpose or use, we tend to become depressed, lonely, and just want life to be over with. Our purpose is to help other people and uplift them so that they would in turn help others. When we go before the Father at our appointed time, we will bring a gift to Him for all He has done for us. If we have no gift to give Him that would sum up our life, His gift for us will have been wasted. We are children of the Living G-d, made in His image, filled with His  Spirit. The gift He gave us the day we were born is beyond anything mankind can ever hope to accomplish.

Ecclesiastes 4 – Evil Under the Sun. Where does our satisfaction come from? Is it from our job, home, or connections? Many people, including me, have worked their entire life to accomplish an objective like building up a retirement, buying a home, and/or meeting family needs. While there is nothing wrong with these objectives, where we get into trouble is when our income becomes our god and our home becomes our fort. When we accomplish these goals but do not have a solid relationship with the Lord, these things leave us as empty as the day we started. Being rich or poor does not guarantee that we will enjoy a life free from loneliness. You see, we need a support system in our lives no matter which end of the spectrum we may reside.

Isaiah 20 – A Sign Against Egypt and Cush. The Prophet Isaiah was instructed to walk in the nude in Israel which is a sign of abject humiliation. The nation thought they would have a place of refuge in Egypt only to see their hopes crushed. To circumvent this, Sargon was sent to attack Egypt and do the same thing to them as he would do to the Israelites. So who would rely on who? When the Lord seeks to get through to His children, He will take away as much as it takes to get our attention. You may be wondering, “why doesn’t the Lord look away from us and leave us alone”? The answer is that do not like being humiliated or dealing with the consequences of sin. As human beings, we are prone to complaining to the Lord about our lot in life although we are the cause of the problems just as the nation Israel complained about the lack of food and water. It would be a whole lot easier if the Lord just answered all of our prayers with a positive response and filled our every wish but that would be a terrible miscarriage of justice.

2 Samuel 15:18-37 – David Flees Jerusalem. At first, it would seem foolish for David to flee for his life but when you consider the kingdom was amassed after Saul’s death, it makes sense. The Israelites or the people of the northern portion of Canaan had more manpower than the people of Jerusalem. Add to the mix, I am pretty sure that David did not want a civil war and the blood of innocent people on his hands. David’s absence paved the way for Absalom to enter Jerusalem uncontested. Absalom had no battle experience and running David out must have seemed like a “win” for him. Ahithophel was David’s counselor and an old man. Ahithophel’s decision to follow Absalom was not a mistake in judgment, it was retribution for David’s affair with Bethsheba. Bathsheba was Ahithophel’s granddaughter through his son Eliam (2 Samuel 11:3, Ahithophel). David sent the priests back to Jerusalem with the Ark, which I believe, was for the inhabitants of the kingdom’s sake because the Ark did not belong to David. Hushai and Zadok were sent back to spy on Absalom and deal with Ahithophel or to confound his counsel. The mount of olives is east of the old city of Jerusalem. It was on this mount that Jesus ascended into Heaven it was named this because olive trees once dotted the landscape (Acts 11, Mount of Olives).

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