Bible Readings 5/7/2022

Judges 2:1-10

Psalms 89:1-14

Ecclesiastes 9:1-6

Isaiah 26

2 Samuel 19:1-13

Mike’s Notes

Judges 2:1-10 – Israel’s Disobedience. Joshua and the elders had been faithful to the Lord and carried out what was asked of them. The problem for this generation just as it has been in every generation is “time” and “changes in opinion”. The message Angel at Bochim uttered hit the people in the heart and they responded with weeping and repentance. What the people was “who the Angel was talking to” and that was the children. When you compare this time and the time after Joseph, there is little difference. As parents, we have the power to influence our children for a short period before peer pressure and social norms invade their minds. It is incumbent on us as parents and leaders to walk in obedience to the Lord not out of rote but out of love for the Lord. We may not be successful but in the court of the Lord, we will not be held guilty of the blood that will be shed.

Psalms 89:1-14 – I Will Sing of the Steadfast Love of the Lord. The Lord is faithful and just to the person who puts their trust in Him and wavers not in faith in the Lord. In the Word, we are promised by the Lord that He would be with us in times of trouble, and with long life, He would show forth His salvation (Psalms 91:10-16). The kind of life the Lord wants for His children is productive, life-giving, and joy overflowing. The problem is that many of us introduce things in our life that are not from the Lord nor are they His desire for us. When we do this, we become bogged down and lethargic, and the joy is no longer working in and through us. David was promised an enduring kingdom one that could sustain the worst the world could throw at it that way until Bathsheba entered the picture. After Bathsheba, David’s life became hectic, filled with trouble, and in constant suspense.

Ecclesiastes 9:1-6 – Death Comes to All. Death is impartial in that it takes everyone at some point in their life or another. The hope of the living is that we will spend eternity in Heaven after we die and there is nothing wrong with this notion. The problem is that living an upright life benefits us only while we are alive. If death takes everyone why should I walk uprightly? The answer is, that what we do in life and the paths we take will dictate the quality of life we live and compel the next generation to follow or go their way. While we are alive, we have hope for a better tomorrow no matter what today or yesterday was like.

Isaiah 26 – You Keep Him in Perfect Peace. Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to anyone (Proverbs 14:34). The world says, “follow me and I will make you rich” but it does not say how nor does it say what the price will be. Herein lies the problem and the defining difference between the kingdom of the world and the Kingdom of G-d. The nation was presented with a choice “serve yourself and your interests” or “serve me and I will give you unspeakable and undefinable peace” (Philippians 4:6). The world’s version of “Peace” is tepid because it hinges on both sides giving something often times it means “giving away land that belongs to us”. Unfortunately, the wrong people are hurt in the process of the world’s peace program (5-6). Righteousness says, “I will be obedient to the law of the Lord despite how the world thinks, sees, and feels about my choices”. These two opposing forces have been around since the dawn of time. Mankind is subject to react based on what he/she sees, hears, and feels. No one at any time has seen the face of G-d which is partly why people have a hard time trusting in Him. We may not have seen G-d but we have seen and read about people like David, Daniel, Moses, Jesus, and Billy Graham.

2 Samuel 19:1-13 – The Rebellion of Sheba. Sheba and the Devil share a common characteristic in that they are opportunists who by their nature use the times when we are at our weakest to create problems. David had been on the run from Absalom and was in no shape to fight anyone. When David got back to the castle, the first thing he did was remove the 10 concubines that had been raped by Absalom. The Biblical concept about sin is that it destroys from the inside out. When we review the timeline of David’s actions, we can see how his credibility, which was something he carefully protected all of his life, was ruined leaving him vulnerable to events like Sheba’s revolt. Joab was fiercely loyal to David until David had ordered Uriah’s death. After Uriah was murdered, Joab looked after himself and his interests. It was, for this reason, that I believe Joab killed Amasa so that Joab would get the victory and thereby retain his position.

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