Morning Encouragement for 5/29/2022

Good Morning,

When I look across the landscape of the US, I see a problem that grows in size the closer it gets to politics. When we treat things like our spiritual beliefs nonchalantly or do not take them seriously, no one else will either. In the early to late 20th century what the church said, “was golden”. Politicians and businesses sought to garner the church’s approval. From 1979 to 1989 the Moral Majority which was founded by the late Jerry Falwell was the “gold standard” of the political landscape because every politician including the DFL sought its support which in turn garnered the support of the church. Fast forward 30 some years and we see that the church is being told, “You change your ways or we won’t attend”. Those churches that were/are “numbers” driven changed and toned down the gospel until the gospel was merely a storybook and the church was little more than a “Sunday obligation” and less important than an NFL football game. The problem is, that the watering down of the message was not the work politics nor the world, it was the church membership. Consider the downfall of the nation Israel, in the time of David the nation was strong and impenetrable fast forward approximately 300 years and the nation is being exiled and afterward would fight between themselves over “what constituted the true Jewish faith”. If we do not take our salvation seriously when no one is looking, we too will fight over “what constitutes the true Christian faith”.

Readings: Matthew 17:14-20, Micah 6:6-8, 1 Chronicle 16:23-36, Psalms 4, Ecclesiastes 12:1-8


Thank you for this new day to live, work, and serve. The church and our traditions are under fire now more than ever.  I pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus that their faith may not wane nor will they become discouraged but that they would grow in your strength. I pray for strength from the sanctuary for my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, my families, friends, and myself that You will help us to endure the evil days, and though tested by the fire we may come through with flying colors. I pray for the people of Texas, Ukraine, and the church at large that You will send your protective angels about them, especially with those who are putting their lives on the line in Your service. I pray over the looming food shortage that our crops may grow and fill the need. I pray for the military, law enforcement, and EMT communities that you will be with every one of them and bring them safely home. I pray over our politicians that you will continue to shake them to their core with the message of the Ephod so that they fully understand who they serve. I pray for the city of Stacy, the state of Minnesota, and the USA may your Spirit fall fresh upon us. I pray for the truckers who carry supplies to our communities. I thank you for healing our land by rain that refreshes the land and the storms that shake the heart of mankind. I pray for those who need a special touch from you today. Finally, I pray that my words will always be an encouragement to all who read these words in Jesus’ name I pray. May your peace be upon my family, city, state, nation, and world. Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer (Psalms 19:14).

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