Morning Encouragement for 6/13/2022

Good Morning,

When I reviewed the morning paper today, I read about the bad things that were going on, one-sided attacks, and public response. As I have mentioned many times over, the Devil uses these times and retelling of the sad tale to get us to take our eyes off on our champion Jesus Christ. The reason the Devil is so effective at what he does is that he appeals to our emotions and, believe me, no one is immune to his attacks even the strongest and most loyal disciple. Consider how a Used Car Dealer works up sales by finding out what our triggers are, who has the “authority to buy”, and what our needs are by asking us questions. From the answers we give, he/she formulates a plan. The Devil has a leg up on the Used car dealer because he knows all about us, which buttons to push, and how long to push them. For this reason we need to know our buttons as well and how best to use them against the Devil.

Famous quote: “If you know your enemy and you know yourself, you will not fear a 100 battles” (Sun Tzu Treatise on the “Art of War”.

Readings: 1 Corinthians 15:55-56, Psalms 62, Luke 12:8-12, John 8:12


The Devil is a liar and he comes steal kill, and destroy but you have overcome the world. There is no good news in the paper and attacks are coming from every quadrant of the USA. While we have no authority to tell the world what to think, the proper way to act, and/or tell them what they want, we do have the authority to live for you. When we light our light shine by the words that come out of our mouth, the actions and outcomes, the world will come to the light on its accord not ours. I pray that you will always help me to be a light in a dark place and that people will come to know you through these posts. I pray for Ukraine in the ongoing battle, the various battles that are cropping up, and the wars in our schools, our homes, and places of business. I pray for your peace and that I will be used as an instrument to quell the violence. I pray for my family, the city of Stacy, the state of Minnesota, and the USA. I pray for our legislators that you will be shaken to their core over the decisions they are about to make and have already made. I pray for the peace of the USA and the world at large.


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