Morning Encouragement for 6/18/2022

Good Morning,

The word “futility” which means “pointless” or “useless” is found in Ecclesiastes. When you read the book, it might appear that no matter what you do, it will all end in futility. Some say “I’ll live according to G-d’s laws because I want to go to Heaven”. Others might say, “why live for the Lord when your time is so short?”. The thing is, how we live today, how we treat ourselves, and the respect with have for the Sovereign G-d benefits us while we are alive. After we are gone, the pathways we lay will light the way for our children and grand children.

Readings: Hebrews 4, Psalms 95, Matthew 6:28-34,

Famous Quote: “In the place God has put us he expects us to shine, to be living witnesses, to be a bright and shining light. While we are here our work is to shine for him.” – D.L. Moody


Thank you for this new day. Help me to live for you where I am and use the skills you have given me. Please be with my friends and families, my city, state, and nation and world at large. You tell me “do not be afraid no matter what the world says and not to harden my heart and because you and I are in a covenant relationship I know that you have already provided a way through every storm. I pray for our EMTs, elected politicians, and police forces that you will be with each of them where they are and wherever they go.


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