Morning Encouragement for 6/19/2022

Good morning and Happy Father’s Day

Dr. Abraham Maslow developed a figurative pyramid of human needs. His theory is that there are 5 things humankind needs on a daily basis to survive. The one area that I do not feel is properly addressed is “encouragement”. People can go all of their lives having friends, family, food, a job,and the ability to reach their goals and yet, while happy, they are not content. The reason I feel that is, is because we fall into pigeon holes, develop the wrong kinds of friends, encouraged to misuse our G-d given talents, and give way to sin. It is for this reason we have the Holy Spirit of G-d to be that “firm hand on our shoulder” teaching the ways of the Father, and being the “gentle voice” that says “You can do all things …”. In turn we need to be the “voice of encouragement” to our spouse, our children and grand children, and friends that speaks uplifting words not as flattery but as a sincere word and then we need to come along side of them to help them. I want to encourage you today with the words of scripture and a voice through written word how much and how sincerely G-d loves you. Happy Father’s Day.

Readings: Philippians 4:2-9, 1 Kings 19, Joshua 1, Psalms 24, Proverbs 11:27-31.

Famous quote: “If I know my own heart to-day, I would rather die than live as I once did, a mere nominal Christian, and not used by God in building up his kingdom. It seems a poor empty life to live for the sake of self. Let us seek to be useful. Let us seek to be vessels meet for the Master’s use, that God, the Holy Spirit, may shine fully through us.” (D.L. Moody).


Encouragement is like fresh water to a seedling. Depending on the quality of the water, its source, and its intended purpose, the plant will either grow or die. You planted us here on earth uplift one another but the Devil, knowing the end result, came in with the notion of us being a god in and of ourselves. Today our world is shattered by violence both local and abroad. If ever there was a time that we need to hear from Heaven it is now. Please help me to be a voice of encouragement using the water from Heaven, and nutrients of your word that a generation may grow up knowing You. Please watch over my family, friends, city, state, and US. I lift up a special prayer for our elected leaders that their hearts be softened and their mind opened to what they are doing and shake them to their core. I ask for your protection over our EMTs, police, teachers, and ministers. Thank you for everything you do.


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