Morning Encouragement for 6/21/2022

Good Morning,

With summer in full swing, Minnesota is entering its 5th season of the year “Road Construction” which will last until late October. During road closures, drivers are given an alternate route that may or may not be faster. The thing about road construction is that it is rarely done on one side of the road for the most part, both sides of the road are worked on one side at a time. When the drivers are first rerouted, people complain about the inconvenience. The reason for this is that the change disrupts “the norm”. After a while, people get into the swing of things and life goes merrily onward. When the construction is completed, we find the road that was once rough is now smooth and traffic flows freely. The newly rebuilt road might include a “round about”, an extra lane, or an HOV lane. These changes alter the flow of traffic which might create confusion but, like the alternate routes, through time and patience we get used to these changes.

In the same way, there are roads in our life that also need repairs, friendships that have strained due to disagreements, and family units that have been torn apart by fights and disagreements. Restoring these connections is painful because it requires us coming to our senses and both sides need to talk through the difficulties. Unfortunately there are times when no matter how much we try to restore a connection with a friend or family member it doesn’t work out. For this, we need to give time for the pathway to be rebuilt by the power of the Holy Spirit and the help of Godly counselors. Just as it is with the example above, the changes disrupt lives. The good news is that in time the construction will end and life will go on. Have patience my friends.

Readings: Lamentations 3:25-33, Hebrews 10, Ephesians 4:1-6, Psalms 37:1-9.

Famous Quote: The two most powerful warriors are Patience and Time (Leo Tolstoy).


I am often impatient when the paths I take by route are disrupted. I know that nothing lasts forever and that changes will always occur so please help me to remain calm through the changes. Sometimes I get so locked up in myself that I forget that people change and that the way “we always did it” might wrong. Help me to welcome the change of seasons with eager expectation of the good that will come with it. I pray for our EMTs, Police, teachers, ministers, and military that you will please watch over them. Thank you for all that you do in and through my life.


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