Morning Encouragement for 6/28/2022

Good Morning,

When we ask the Lord to teach us His ways, we owe it to Him to be prepared to learn that is, coming to class with pen, paper, and a willing mind to learn. G-d’s classroom is not like the world’s classroom because it has no formal lecture halls nor ominous written tests. His classroom is the world around us, the trials, and temptations. When the Lord commands us to do something, He will never tell us “why” or “what lies behind ___”. Remember this, the Lord always has sound logic behind His commands, precepts, and laws. Understand, His laws and precepts were not written off the top of His head, they stem from the actions Israel’s ancestors. When we follow in His footsteps, we find out why the laws are in place or why He wanted us to do ______ in a specific manner. So, this all comes down to the word “trust”. The thing is, “trust” doesn’t come naturally for everybody, some trust implicitly and are let down, others do not trust and therefore never come to the Lord. At either end of the spectrum there are problems but the Lord knows about them and is patient with us through the journey.

Readings: Micah 6:6-8, Psalms 25:1-10, Proverbs 3,

Famous Quote: “I believe that Christians often perceive obedience to G-d as some test designed just to see if we are really committed to Him. But what if it is designed as G-d’s way of giving what’s best for us? Craig Croeschel.


Learning from You is a lifetime degree plan. Having you as a teacher requires that we be punctual, attentive listeners, and faithful students. Being a lackluster student will get us by in the world’s system because it accepts excuses where as You know our heart, what we are capable of, and you accept no substitutes. Please help me today to be faithful in all that I do and to write what you will have me to know and pass down. I pray for our nation today Lord as the economy is tanking, political parties are pointing fingers, and excusing bad behavior is the norm. I know that you still love us and you love this nation. I pray Lord over the wars that are spinning up, the magnitude of the droughts that are spreading across this nation. I pray for rain that will heal this land and overcome the divide. I pray for our EMTS, police, military, and those in the service industry. You are Lord of All


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