Morning Encouragement for 7/4/2022

Good Morning and again Happy Fourth of July

Doubtless many of you have heard the phrases or have said it your self “Freedom in Christ Jesus” and “freedom isn’t free”. We are reminded to thank our vets for defending our freedoms. The problem is, I believe we are thanking the wrong people not taking anything away from our vets and those currently serving in the military because they too have done the unthankful job of serving our country. The people we should really be thanking are those who fought for our independence over 200 years ago and about 50 years from 300 years ago. How do we thank those who gave their lives for freedom? By pilgrimaging to their burial sites? Say a loud “thanks”? Or, as I believe is necessary, to respect our freedoms by not taking them for granted?

In the same way, we have freedoms in Christ Jesus because of his work on the cross over 2000 years ago. Jesus could have quite easily have said “the price is too great. I’ll just disappear until I die”. The thing is, though, he saw you, me, all those who came before us, and all those who will come after us and knew that no matter how painful and disgusting the whole ordeal would be, he would willingly pay the price. He doesn’t want our adulations, pilgrimages to his birthplace, and/or “Jesus is #1” stickers on our cars. While those things are outward signs and nothing wrong with them, what is important is that we respect the freedoms we have in Jesus Christ. If we trip over this rock, believe me no one else that comes after us will ever know the price he paid for our life. Then, that freedom will be taken away as people follow others into the lion den of “government control”.

Readings: Hebrews 12, Galatians 5, Isaiah 42:1-6, Deuteronomy 30:19-20, Psalms 21, Proverbs 22:4-14

Famous Quote: He who wants what God wants of him will lead a free and happy life. ~ (Japanese Proverb).


The gifts that come from you are good gifts because it cost you everything. We cannot comprehend the full measure of the price Jesus paid because we were not there that fateful day. We did not hear the cries as the nails were pounded into his wrists nor his feet. We did not hear the cries each time the cat-a-ninetails landed on his back tearing away the skin leaving welts and blood spewing from the wounds. We did not witness the crown of thorns being planted on his head in mock tribute. Today people have come from all walks of life to hear the salvation story that will set them free from the bondage of sin. The blood Jesus shed 2000 years ago is as healing and restoring it was that fateful day. Please help me today and every day to savor this freedom and never take it for granted. Please be with our EMTs, Police, military, clergy wherever they go and grant each of them safe passage where they are going and when they return; please help them to make wise choices that they not be a negative example. Please watch over this nation and forgive our sins. Jesus we need you now more than ever. I pray for my city, state, nation, and world at large.


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