Morning Encouragement for 7/7/2022

Good Morning, wow we’re already about 1/2 way through July. Summer is passing by quickly.

one single most important part of encouragement is that we encourage growth by developing truth in people’s lives. There is a difference between telling the truth as we know it and looking in a mirror to see the truth as it is. Of course, truth is not as popular as flattery because, when we hear and/or see the truth we must do something with it. The example, as James put it “we look in a mirror and then turn around forget what we saw”. Just as G-d uses a mirror so does the Devil except his is a “fun house mirror” or the type that amplifies or negative features to defeat us and a amplified positive to scratch our ego; both ends of the spectrum are self-defeating.

It is for these reasons that we need to stay in the word so that we will always remember that the world does not spin around us and that the secret to our success is not based on positional authority but on the grounds of obedience.

Readings: James 1:19-27, Proverbs 22:4-14, John 15:14-16, Psalms 1, Deuteronomy 17:14-20

Famous Quote: Choices will continually be necessary and — let us not forget — possible. Obedience to God is always possible. It is a deadly error to fall into the notion that when feelings are extremely strong we can do nothing but act on them.”
― Elisabeth Elliot, Discipline: The Glad Surrender


Being obedient to you is not a brainless option, it requires us to think through what is presented and compare it to the light of your word. Equally as servants of G-d, we are not mindless minions surrendering our free-will to a faceless god, as the world blithely puts it. By working with you and allowing you to work in us, our lives are built on the solid unloveable rock of Jesus Christ. We do not follow every whim of doctrine but remain loyal to your word so that we discover the lies that ever present in our world and about our lives. Please help me today to stay in your word that I will know the truth and be set free from the lies. I pray for my family today that you will watch over them and keep them wherever they may go. I pray for my city, state, and nation Lord that you would continue to rattle the cages of the politicians that they will be confronted with the truth and that they would have no room to run, I pray for our world Lord in the times of your favor.


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