Morning Encouragement for 7/10/2022

Good Morning,

Our world today is on a collision course that started back in the garden of Eden several millennia ago. The decision made by two people impacted an unlimited number of people throughout our history. The problems were compounded by the persuasion of one entity to draw 1/3 of Gods created beings into a revolt. On earth mankind is interlinked with the Devil as we have seen in all of the wars, revolts, fights, and bloodshed. The Lord attempted to wipe out the evil people by a flood but it did not have a lasting result. It was not until about 33AD that the collision course of sin was intercepted by the cross. Jesus’ life was for the glory of his Father in Heaven in name and in action. His death, however much pushed by the Sanhedrin, was not because he sinned but that he took on our sin so that we would not have to die physically or spiritually for them. Today many of you, just like me, have gone as far in the opposite direction of the cross only to find yourself back at the cross having come 365 degrees or full circle. I encourage you to make peace with yourself and your world today that his blood will cleanse you and make your whole again. As much as we are led to believe that our world is doomed, I will tell you that sin only holds power for a season and that there is no depths that we can go to that the Lord will not forgive if we ask him and come to our senses. I ask that everyone of you on every continent to pray for the peace of your nation and for the balm of Gilead to be applied to your nation

Readings: Psalm 122, Hebrews 12, Deuteronomy 1:37-40, John 14

Famous Quote: The world has no charms for me when I look up, but the trouble with God’s children is they do not look up enough.” – D.L. Moody


Our world is topsy-turvey today because of the choices we and those before us have made. We have fights in the streets, in our homes, schools, businesses because of “forced obedience”. I don’t know what it will take to fully heal this land but am pretty sure destroying the world will not solve the problem but will simply put it off fora little while. I pray the blood of Jesus over my nation and the world at large. you made this world so you know what it will take to restore it. Help me to be an instrument of your peace. I pray for the peace of the US today.


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