Morning Encouragement for 7/9/2022

Good Morning,

When I was in the 8th grade, I did very well in school with all of the credit going to my 7th grade teacher, Sr. Bernice. This nun enforced the need to develop good study habits. In the 8th grade I was on the B honor roll all year. In the ninth grade Algebra I found an easy way to pass the class because my teacher left the answers out for people to copy. In modern day circles the teacher would be blamed for encouraging cheating. I justified my actions by believing that “I knew the material just didn’t need to do the work”. What I was unaware of was that by caving into cheating, I was cheating myself and set the stage for my future.

In the same way, David was a man of integrity. From the moment of Samuel’s prophecy to the rise of his kingdom, he guarded his pathways and refused to do anything that would taint his rule. All was going well until “the spring of the year when kings go to war, he stayed home” (2 Samuel 11:1). We are not told why David stayed home, The decision to stay home set the stage for the troubles that would befall his family for the foreseeable future. You see, nobody is impenetrable to temptation not even the great David. The Devil is not to blame for tempting us, we are to blame for caving into temptation.

Readings: 2 Samuel 11, Ephesians 6, Matthew 26:36-46, Psalm 125, Proverbs 7.

Famous Quote: “I can resist everything except temptation” (Oscar Wilde)


Each of us has areas in our life where we are wooed by temptation. This does not mean that we “are worthless” but that we are human. The testing of our metal is never made when we are at the top of our game, it is always when we are bored or have put ourselves in a compromising position such as the young man in Proverbs 7. Please help me today to keep your commands and precepts before me to meditation on them, and walk in the truth. .I pray for my nation today for your forgiveness and healing over the land. Fathers we have taken your blessings and our freedom for granted and have offended the throne. Please forgiveness and heal our land. We have walked in abject sin under the guise of our liberties please forgive us and heal our land. Thank you for rain and I pray for it abundantly to heal our parched land, refill our lakes and restore peace to our land. I pray for my people and for peace in our land.


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