Morning Encouragement for 7/12/2022

Good Morning,

As I am preparing to officiate at my son’s wedding later this year, my thoughts have turned to the subject of marriage and how I can best present it. So you, my readers, are now my sounding board.

Those of you who have developed software, built things like homes and cars, know how it is put together and what it will take to maintain it. If I wanted to know how to install a piece of software or what do when a glitch occurs, I’d go back to the company who designed it because that group would know or should know all about it; there are hacks out in our world who have found a way to hack software and they might know a thing or two but might not know its original design. In the same way, G-d ordained marriage between a man and a woman. If the intention of the this union is make it last until the day we are called home, we need to look at His design and ask Him to lead us in marriage and to submit ourselves to him and consequently to each other. if the intention is so that we can legally have the pleasure of being connected but wish to go our way, simply follow the world’s pattern. The world’s way is easy to start but difficult to navigate the maze and will always leave us broken and empty which is on purpose because its author wants us to fail. In fact, the author of the world’s way “Devil” sets us up to fail from the very beginning knowing full well that the plan will never work. The thing is, no matter where we are in life whether coming from a bad union or starting a new one, we have the choice about the life we will get. We have no authority over the world but we have full authority over our hearts.

Readings: Genesis 2:22-25, Exodus 4:9-12, John 17:13-19, Jeremiah 17:11-18, Psalm 130.

Famous Quote: You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear.” – Sammy Davis Jr.


We need you so desperately in our world today. The world has had its hay day and lived by its autonomy only to find themselves at the bottom instead of the top. Our world is in disarray and the only way to fix it is to surrender to you. You are not a harsh task master nor are you a dictator, you are a loving G-d who cares deeply for us. There is no one who comes to you that you will not reject. You made our world so only you know how to fix it. I lift up my world before you Lord asking for your forgiveness and for your healing over our land. I pray for Ukraine, Russia, and the known world for your peace and that you will rebuild this world for your glory. I pray for the Police, EMTs, military, and Medical communities that you will watch over each of them and bring them home safely tonight.


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