Morning Encouragement for 7/13/2022

Good Morning,

In scripture it talks about the danger of causing trouble in your home. Of course, we like to think, “nobody saw me do it so it will not be uncovered” and that “it’s nobody’s business what I do”. The problem is, there is always someone who is watching us. The person or individual that is watching us is our common enemy the Devil and his minions. These same individuals will feed misinformation to our children and their children on down to the 4th and 5th generation or longer. Consider David and Bathsheba how one act of indiscretion played out in David’s lineage until about the time of the exile in 586. When we bring pornography, illicit affairs, theft, alcohol/drug/food abuse, and various other things into home, that spirit does not give up ground no matter how many times we cry over our tragic ways unless something drastic occurs in the following generations. For this reason we owe it to ourselves, our families, and church to keep a careful watch over our lives and our ministries.

Readings: Proverbs 11:28, Psalms 141, Job 31, Matthew 5:13-16, 27-30.

Famous Quote: “Many Christians carry along lanterns and say, ‘I wouldn’t give up my religion for yours.’ They talk about religion. The religion that has no fire is like painted fire. They are artificial Christians. Do you belong to that class? You can tell. If you can’t, your friends can.” D.L. Moody


Sin is blot that blocks out life and stifles love because if it is brought to light, the entire room would smothered out. You desire holiness on our part not because you will put us on display but that the enemy loses power and control over us. Consequently, when the enemy loses power over us, he must work all that much harder to affect our children. Please help today to be a better parent and fight the good fight against the right enemy. I pray for my nation today Lord as we are going through immense struggles across this great land. Thank you for the rain you poured over my city last night and the cool air today. I pray for good crops this year and that you continue the healing process over this land.


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