Morning Encouragement for 7/15/2022

Good Morning,

This morning I woke with a thought “what would my life be like if I remained unmarried. With this thought in mind, I turned my thoughts to prayer for my family, the lives I and my family have touched, the tender moments, the joyful events, and thought “Lord if I hadn’t married so many people would not be touched in the way they were. If I hadn’t married our sons would not be born. If our sons were not born. Our eldest spent time with suicidal teens and reached out in love which turned them from thoughts of death to thoughts of life. Our middle son would not have married a wonderful woman who would give birth to our grand son. Our youngest, who was handicapped, was our “morning sun” and he would shine for the whole world to see and feel. Understand this, each of us impacts other people’s lives and while we may feel like we are not wanted, we are always wanted by our Father.

Each of us, at one time or another, has said, “If only”. In fact, you hear this statement all too often in the Bars across the land. The thing is, it is not always the choices that we make but the person we commit them to. As I have said before, when commit to a course of action, there is no going back to undo it, When we make sinful choices and confess them, He doesn’t remove the consequences, He uses them for His glory and makes something beautiful out of a sow’s ear. When we give our lives to Him, He turns our broken existence into something beautiful. Count your blessings my friends in Christ Jesus!

Readings: Jeremiah 1:4-10, Psalms 69:5-12, Matthew 28:16-20, Proverbs 13

Famous Quote: Ask yourself: if I can’t avoid it, change it, makes t go away, or change my response to it? What if I decided to stop letting it bother me? Al Siebert


Thank you for all that you do. I know that I make mistakes in judgment on a daily basis and while this troubles me, I know that in your hands it becomes a work of art. Our lives are made of choices all of which tell our story. Help me to look at my mistakes in the light of your forgiveness. I know that I am powerless to change my past but may the lessons I have learned bring me closer to you. Please watch over my family today and keep them safe wherever they may go. I pray for my nation today Lord that you will forgive their foolishness and bring about revival across the land. I pray for EMTs,Police, medical staff, and military. In your capable hands I commit this day and my life


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