Morning Encouragement for 7/18/2022

Good Morning,

Of all the things we humans deal with, I feel the one most painful is “regret”. Regret looks back on our life to the things we did not do, the words we did not say, and/or the wounds we caused but now cannot heal. When my mother was alive, we argued over senseless matters like “religion” something we both had stark differences about. The day before she died my family and I went out for a get together. When we got ready to leave I noticed something in her eyes that told me “her time is limited” but I ignored it thinking there would always be another “tomorrow”. I got word the next day that she died a painful and angry death and what G-d would have to say to her might well have made all of the difference in the world but those words were left unsaid. You see “regret is mean taskmaster” because he/she pokes at our wounds through dreams, reminders of what we should have said, and laughs at our pains. I think of the night Jesus was arrested and while they should have stayed awake, the men became tired after a very long day. Yet after his arrest, Peter tried to be brave and strike the sword only to be reproved. After Jesus was impaled and died on the cross, the words just would not come and Peter would spend a long few days grappling with his cowardice and felt pretty useless. You see, we either make use of the time we are given or we allow the window of time to close irrevocably. Stay encouraged.

Readings: Matthew 26:36-55, Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, Psalms 4, Jeremiah 12:5-14, Romans 12:6-21.

Famous Quote: “I’d rather regret the things I’ve done then the things I haven’t done” – Lucille Ball.


Regret is an enemy that increases its pressure until we lose control. We each have an appointment with the grave and nothing is going to stop it not even taking the best care for our life. Then we throw in the complexity of missed opportunities, enemies we have made that we have not forgiven, and family members who stop coming because someone offended them. While I am p;ownerless to change others, I have full control over my life and can forgive, resolve, and make inroads only while I am alive. Help me to make use of the time you have given me today. I pray for our EMTs, Police, Fire, medical staff, military, and clergy. I pray for peace on my nation and that we can begin to heal the wounds caused by our foolishness. I pray for our politicians and elected officials that they would be shaken to their core in all that they do. I pray for my family that you will watch over them today and everyday.


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