Morning Encouragement for 7/23/2022

There was once an eagle chick that fell from the nest among a group of chickens. One day the little chick saw huge bird in the sky and he asked “what type of bird is that”? A fellow chicken said, “man that’s an eagle” to which the eagle chick said, “man I would love to be up there in the sky”. He was told, “well you’re a chicken and you can’t soar in the heavens it’s impossible”. So the eagle chick stayed among the chickens pecking for food on the ground and never soared in the skies like the other eagles.The word “can’t” which is contractual for cannot means, “a way has not been found yet” or “doesn’t align with my goals”. The problem is “can’t” is all too often used as a stated fact and it is expected that we believe it and not challenge it. This kind of living compels us to live less than the privilege we have in Christ Jesus. When it comes to our Christian walk, it is easy and far more convenient to accept common held beliefs than to study the word for ourselves. In Jesus’ time the Sanhedrin believed that they cornered the market on righteousness. After Jesus’ death and resurrection, the baton was passed to the disciples to finish the race. Imagine if they had caved into the pressure from the Sanhedrin to comply and basically say, “sorry Jesus but I can’t defy the council”; if they had, Jesus life, death, and resurrection would be a footnote in history instead of continuing story.

Readings: Acts 1, Hebrews 2, Psalms 26

Famous quote: Believe you can. Believe you can’t. Either way, you’re right.”-Henry Ford


Your son opened the pathway to the kingdom that whosever follows him will have eternal life. The world says “You can’t ___” but it is up to us to validate or invalidate the claim. Help me today to honor you in all that I do. May my words and life be pleasing to you. I pray for our military, police, EMTs, and medical staff. I pray for your peace over our land and that you will find it in your heart to forgive this foolish nation. I pray for revival among the people and healing across the land. I pray for my city, state, and nation. D


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