Morning Encouragement for 7/24/2022

Good morning,

in life there are many voices that speak from the heart there are voices of hate/bigotry/fear/doubt/depression, words of feigned encouragement, and then there is the “still small voice of the Lord”. The first voice tells us “because of fear we need to run for our lives or fight against a brother”; this is the voice of the Devil through his minions. The second voice is the human response to tragedy, sort of like Job’s three unofficial counselors, which tells us “G-d doesn’t give us any more than we can handle” and “I’ll pray for you”; the problem is we do not pray for that person we use their situation as a fodder for conversation. The third voice, and the most important, speaks from our heart “Be still and know that I Am G-d” it speaks to our situations “Peace be still” and to the obstacles facing us “move out of the way”. You see the situations, obstacles, and hecklers know the voice of G-d and run in fear of it because they know all too well how short period they have to affect damage until the Lord says “it’s my turn”. The passage in Psalms 46:10 means “Quiet your fears and be firmly convinced in your spirit that IAM G-d and can address your concerns, fears, and doubts like a skilled surgeon. In our moments of fear/doubt/depression, “He is the G-d who keeps us through the watches of the day and night”, to our hurts and pains, “He is the G-d who heals and restores us”, and to the voice of pessimism He is the “voice that stills to the storms”. Stay in His word and be greatly encouraged.

Readings: Psalms 39, 1 Kings 18:1-40, Exodus 3, Proverbs 3:3-5, Mark 4:35-5:21

Famous Quote: Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success. -Dale Carnegie


We are struggling here on earth because of the changes in our environment, we have wars and rumors of wars, and troubles on every shore. While there are many counselors on earth, the one voice we need the most is to hear from you. When Solomon prayed over the temple he wanted it to be the one place where your Spirit reigned, healed, and restored. Lord as I turn to your temple, I pray for my nation that we will once again have peace on earth and that the anger of the enemy be removed from our land. Please forgive our sins Lord and heal this land and her peoples. I encourage my readers to pray for their land that you will heal it and restore it. May your good Spirit be with us today. I pray for our military, police, EMTs, and medical staff that you will watch over them and bring them home safely. Thank you for the healing storms last night and the beautiful weather today.


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