Morning Encouragement for 7/26/2022

Good Morning,

When I was in Boy Scouts about 100 years ago, the scout master had us do an exercise in which he laid out a six’ piece of string. We had to look down on the string from a pair of binoculars turned upside down. This made walking the length of string difficult because our feet looked to be extremely long and string extremely small. The best we could do without falling was 3’; when we had completed this exercise, we had to walk the length of string looking down the opposite end. In there place, binoculars are useful for seeing things at a distance however, when they are used to focus in on us our vision of what is before us is distorted. Sin is like the binoculars because it gets us to focus on our needs rather than the needs of the world. When we first dabble with sin, it is like looking through the wrong end of the binoculars because, it makes it seem like it is so small and can be tamed easily. When the binoculars are turned around correctly, we see what sin has done to us and our families. No one likes to see ourselves in the light of truth because we are faced with a choice – change or be destroyed in the long run. The Devil will never tell us what lies in the future because he knows all too well what the outcome will be because he has been around since the dawn of time and his tricks have not changed.

Readings: 1 Peter 5:1-10, Deuteronomy 30, Habakkuk 2, Psalms 34, Proverbs 14, Matthew 23:37-39.

Famous Quote: “It is a remarkable fact, while those who are enlightened by the Holy Spirit and are actually overcoming their sins see more and more of the evil in their hearts and lives, those who are slaves of sin see less and less evil, and often deny they are sinners at all.” [19th century Theologian Augustas H. Strong, System Theology, 576].


When you hold the mirror of your word up to our face, we see what has become of us because of sin. The image we see is not complimentary and it brings us to tears. The tears we shed lead us to repentance. Where we go from your son’s cross will greatly depend on how far we go in your kingdom. You desire that all men come to repentance but, that is not always reality in the world where I live so help me today to be the light that leads people to you. I pray for my nation Lord that you will continue to heal this land, we will not be the people we were before sin but what you do with brokenness is amazing. I pray for our military, police, EMTs, and medical staff that they would return home safely at the end of their shift. I pray for my family that you will watch over and keep them safe where ever they may be or where their pathways may take them. I pray especially for my readers that you will bless them no matter where they maybe in life.


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