Morning Encouragement for 7/28/2022

Good Morning,

I have heard a lot of people, and that includes me, complain because of the lack of rain. When it did rain, people said “It’s not enough rain”. But then, a thought crossed my mind “Whether a little bit or lot, the Lord can use both for His needs” and we need to be thankful for even the little amounts. Consider the few fish and a couple loaves of bread that the disciples felt would not be enough to feed the multitudes. When Jesus took the bread and fish, broke them, and gave thanks for them the little fed a multitude. While it would be very easy to say, “But I am not Jesus” the thing is, Jesus was a man of great faith in his Father and that, I believe, is the key factor. For months now, I have prayed daily that the Lord would heal our land. The arid conditions the nation and the world has been treated to for the past few years should have dampened my spirits but it hasn’t. You see, as the scripture states, having faith in the Lord’s healing is not because I saw a rain cloud but that I Prayed for the Lord to heal our land even before I saw a cloud. When the rain fell, I rejoiced in the Lord and thanked Him profusely. The doomsday prophets declare “Jesus” coming and the world to be destroyed. Remember this, though, you live in this land, do you want it healed for another generation or don’t you? Today I challenge all of my readers both near and far to pray that the Lord would your land wherever you are, when the little falls “Rejoice”, when the great amount falls, “rejoice”.

Readings: Mark 11:12-14,22-23, 2Kings 4:1-7, Psalm 69:34-36,

Famous Quote: Faith is building on what you know is here so you can reach what you know is there. Cullen Hightower


To you belongs all of the power and praise. You give us the option “live a dismal life or reach out in prayer with faith believing. I know that you are able to make the little we possess to meet our needs. I asked for you to heal our land I believe you in the process of it; the thing is, I also know that prayer is not always in keeping with what we ask for but always in keeping with our needs. I pray for our land Lord that you will continue to heal this land and restore us. I pray for our EMTs, Police, politicians, and Medical staff that you will guide them and keep them. I pray for my nation, the city where I live, and my state.


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