Morning Encouragement for 7/30/2022

Good Morning!

When I first enlisted in the US Navy many years ago, I was a scared 18 year old who was leaving home for the first time in his life. Our only mode of communication at the time was to “write letters”. I wrote many times to my dad expressing my fears because of something the Drill instructor had promised if we didn’t shape up. While I was writing, my thought was that my dad would become enraged and do something about my situation instead, he laughed remembering his time in boot camp. Now years later, I too laugh at the minor fears and setbacks I had and how proud I was to graduate and go onto serve for 20 years. My point is that when we are going through storms big or small, it seems like we’ll never see the sun again and the dark skies do nothing to lighten our mood. The thing is, when we are in the midst of storms and trials we think, “G-d forgotten about me” so I will tell him all about my situation hoping that he will do something about it. When the rain finishes, the skies turn blue but maybe days before the waters that remain from the storms abate. When the waters are gone, and the ship that G-d has kept us safe on settles down to earth. Then we come out from that ship shaken but safe and we proclaim the Lord’s faithfulness and these storms become part of our testimony. My dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus I encourage you that in no matter what storm you are to never let the storm become bigger than the G-d we serve. Know this and commit it to memory: storms come to challenge our words and promises. Storms come to humble us and show us who is in charge. No one likes storms big or small yet, they have a purpose. Storm come to grow us, mature us, and strengthen us for the bigger storms to come.

Readings: Psalm 30, Matthew 11:25-30, Jeremiah 29, Genesis 8, Ecclesiastes 12:1-7

Famous Quote: It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela


We are in the midst of great storms today that started years ago. For now, it seems like the storms will never end and life is one huge black cloud yet, I know a day is coming when those storms will abate. I pray that my brothers and sisters in Christ never lose hold of your hand no matter how much tragedy they may see. Watch over and keep each and every one of us today. I pray for our military forces that are serving across the seas, our Police forces who are grappling with many issues some of which are seen and others which are not. I pray for our EMTs and Medical staff that you will be with them as they face multiple tragedies each day. I pray for our politicians who are making decisions that impact our nation shake them to their core Lord and help them to see the outcome of their choices. I pray for my city of Stacy, state of Minnesota, and USA. Help me to reach people today through these writings.


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