Morning Encouragement for 7/31/2022

Good Morning!

In this world of ours there are many ideologies which seem to tear at the fabric of life, churches, nations, and families across all cultures. The thing is, I believe every people group holds a piece of the puzzle about who G-d is and how this world really operates. The reason I believe this puzzle has never been put together to this date is that there are people in this world who do not want peace because it cuts into their profits. If peace prevailed on earth, there would be no need for weapons of war. When victory is decided only by war, ultimatums are issued that hurts the wrong people. Remember, the Devil knows all too well that when people start to compare notes, he’s through. One of the hardest things for me is, “seeing from other points of view”. When all I can see is “how I am right and others are wrong”, I do little more than isolate myself. Consider how we approach the Bible, when someone disagrees with us we throw out popular pieces of scripture, mostly out of context, because they align with our system of beliefs. When we allow ourselves the luxury of living under the false notion that we are right, we setup an “us versus them” war. Consider the argument over abortion – each side having their good and bad points. At a rally, it was hard if not impossible to decipher which side was which because they were both hurling obscenities and their arguments were lost. In our churches it is the same problem on various issues. When people do not stop and talk with the opposite side with the intention of listening to their argument and checking the facts, cliques are formed and a church is divided; a more serious side of this is that when people in the clique find out that what they had been led to believe was a lie, they leave the church and abandon Christianity. Look at what happens when children go to college and are unprepared for the deluge of worldly beliefs. My encouragement is that you learn about the opposite beliefs with the intention of equipping ourselves and families for the battle of daily life. When our children leave the home for college they will be better equipped and able to stand on their two feet against worldly beliefs and just maybe they will be able to connect the dots?

Readings: Romans 14:1-9, Acts 17:16-34, Psalms 39, Proverbs 18:17-19,

Famous Quote: It takes two to speak the truth — one to speak and another to hear. Henry David Thoreau.


Help us as a whole to reach across the people groups in the sprit of humility. We know war as a solution has never worked. We have witnessed a continual onslaught of destruction of property, people groups, and precious resources all in the name of “ideologies”. I know all too well that there are people who thrive from war because it lines their pockets. Help me today to reach lives for Jesus Christ in the spirit of humility. I pray for my family that you will watch over them wherever they may travel. I pray for our military forces in the US and across the world that you will keep them safe. I pray over our congress, senate, and executive house that you will continue to shake them to their core so that their every decision will weigh heavily on their heart. I pray for our EMTs and Medical staff that you help them on their job to face the worst that mankind can throw their way without surrendering to enemy of our soul. Thank you for healing our land Lord!


All of my writings can be found at https://www.mikesencouragement. Net

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