Morning Encouragement for 8/2/2022

Good Morning and Happy August

Jesus came as a human, with no halo, no scepter, no crown, and no fan fair for the King. He was hated, questioned, and ridiculed. The reason I feel the people were in such an uproar over Jesus was that they looked for him to establish an earthly kingdom with positions for the spiritual leaders because that is what they were led to believe; yet what they got, in the end, was a cross, a murdered innocent man, and eventually the end of an earthly priesthood. When you read the accounts in the OT, you may wonder “why on earth didn’t they see Jesus for the King he was? After all I see that he was the prophesied king and I am not an OT scholar nor am an Israelite”. The answer is, we are reading a completed account that is, OT and NT together as one piece. When we look back on history, it is very easy to judge the people because we were not there. In the future, people in the same will judge us too because they too will see a completed picture and hopefully see the error of our ways and hopefully not repeat them. The last thing I want to leave with you in this segment is the word “grace” as it applies to the cross and death of an innocent man. That fateful day at Calvary. You see, when Jesus was nailed to the cross there were more people jeering him and than crying for him. Those that jeered joined the Priests in laughing at him “some High Priest” “Physician heal thyself”. When the clouds gathered and the sky turned dark as night, all of the laughing and jeering came to sudden halt and in the wake of Jesus’ immortal words “It is finished” the people ran for cover knowing that their goose was cooked. Some would come to accept Jesus as the Messiah but it would be probably years later and what they say to him “sorry old boy”? No, because there would be no words that could possibly make things right and it was for this reason the phrase was uttered “My grace is sufficient for all of your needs, my strength is made perfect in weakness” to Paul. Today many of you are in the position of Paul having run as far from the Kingdom of G-d as you possibly can; maybe, you have spit in his face, laughed at every Christian, and denied that Jesus was who he said I was. I invite you back to the altar of the living G-d that He May touch you a new today.

Readings: Isaiah 53, John 16:16-24, Psalm 120, 2 Corinthians 12:1-10,

Famous Quote: Grace is free sovereign favor to the ill-deserving.” – Benjamin B. Warfield


Thank you for grace which enables us to connect to people, soothes the ruffled edges, and grants us strength to reach out when all we’ve done is “failed”. We have judged people harshly and making amends is most difficult because it means admitting we were wrong. Help me today to forgive people who have offended me and let go because I know that, grace is not earned, it is given free of charge and without one intention of holding the sins against them when change our minds. Help me to be like Peter and Paul who although having been slammed, mistreated, had rocks thrown at them, and been excluded from the community yet never once said “I damn you and I’ll never forgive you”. Please forgive me every time I have judged people harshly for having done nothing wrong to me. I pray for my family, my city, my state, and nation. I pray for our Police, Military, EMTS, and Medical staff. Please watch over our pastoral staff as well. Thank you for healing our land Lord and restoring the resources we so desperately need. Thank you for all that you do in and through us.


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