Morning Encouragement for 8/12/2022

Good Morning!

Yesterday, I mentioned how often prayer is treated like a “gum ball machine”. A gumball machine does not ask “where did you get your quarter from?”; for all it knew or cared, it could have been stolen, found, earned, or begged from the parents.  in each case, the individual puts in a quarter, and out comes a piece of bubblegum; sometimes, we get the color we did not want or it is stale and we have to throw it away. Where the two are the same is that the machine access to pray is for “whoever”, the two do not discriminate, and they do not care about your finances, standing in the community, and/or what people think of you. The only thing the machine cares about is the coin that is inserted in the slot is the right denomination and not a piece of metal cut out in the size of a quarter. Where the two differ is that prayer is G-d is never quick to respond whereas the machine, on the other hand, responds instantaneously. Gumball machines send out the next piece in line irrespective of the patron’s desire whereas answers to prayer will always be in keeping with our needs and the condition of our hearts. Unfortunately, just like gum-ball machines, answers to prayer can be forced by taking what we desire or buying it and causing undo pressure with bills. When we force answers to prayer just like when breaking into a gum-ball machine we get what did not bargain for like a truck that falls apart or union that turns sour. My encouragement for you today is that if you are waiting for answers to prayer, it will come in time.

Verses: Psalms 27, Hebrews 11, Luke 16.

Famous Quote: The cross tells us that God understands our sin and our suffering, for he took them upon himself in the Person of Jesus Christ. From the cross God declares, ‘I love you. I know the heartaches and the sorrows and the pain that you feel. But I love you.’ – Billy Graham.


Thank you for the connection to the throne through prayer. I that what I ask in prayer you will provide sometimes it is not exactly what I ask but always in keeping with your integrity and will. You may not give me what I want but you always provide what I need. Please watch over my family and friends today. I pray for our military, police, EMTs, medical staff, city, state and union. I pray for your continued healing of the land and I pray for revival across America and the world today. I pray over the nations practicing for war that you’d calm the winds of adversity and help us through this difficult time.


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