Morning Encouragement for 8/13/2022

Good Morning,

The last few mornings I have been talking about how prayer is treated like a gum-ball machine. Today I want to talk about what happens when the gum-ball machine is empty. Once the machine is empty, you can put in all the quarters you want, but you will not get a gumball in return. When we approach prayer before the Lord, with our quarter’s worth of prayer we expect that the Lord will honor our prayer despite the condition of our hearts. When our prayers return empty, we tend to think “it’s not G-d’s will for __ to happen”. Consider the “Mean old Teacher” who sent Johnny home with a D on a recent test requesting the parent’s signature. When confronted, the first words out of the young man’s mouth were “My teacher doesn’t like me” (sound familiar?). The father asked the boy if he had studied, done the homework, and asked for help on tough subjects. The boy’s answer was, “yea I studied, did as much homework as I had time for, and I even prayed for an “A” on the test but instead of an A all I got was a lousy D so much for prayer either G-d doesn’t answer or prayer or he doesn’t exist”. In essence, the young man blamed everyone but himself for his failure. When we are unwilling to do our part by preparing, studying, and learning about our G-d given profession, all of our prayers will be for naught. The reason is, the ministry G-d gives us is in its roughest form and we have to develop it and personalize it so it fits our personality. In essence our ministry is like the empty gum-ball machine and we have to fill it to make it profitable. My encouragement for those actively seeking G-d’s will for your life, put time, effort, and study so that you are read for whatever G-d has in mind for your life.

Verses: 2 Timothy 2, Ecclesiastes 11, Joshua 1.

Famous Quote: Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.” –Hans Christian Andersen


Thank you for the gifts you place in our life. You ask so little of us but give us so much. Help me to use what you provide and never be afraid of making mistakes so that I will have a gift to give for the gift you have given me. You Have shared with me secrets of the kingdom and asked that I share them and its from them that this web page is based on. For that, I am thankful and pray that my readers are encouraged through it. I pray for our military wherever they be and I pray for the families left behind. I pray for our nation, my state, and city. I pray for my family that they be enriched by these writings. I pray for our politicians that you would continue to shake them to their core and show them what they are doing and that it would awaken a desire for righteousness. I pray for revival and I pray that you would continue to heal this land.


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