Morning Encouragement for 8/16/2022

Good Morning!

The Church of the Living G-d is made up of people from all walks of life. Some are old having spent most of their life chasing the “worldly dream”. Others come to the Lord in their youth. Some come after reaching the end of their strength and found solace in suicide. Each one had one thing in common, they were saved by the hand of the Lord. In each and every case, the common thread was that they had an appointment with the Lord. When we testify about our background and the steps that took us to get to the Throne-room, it is to encourage us in our walk, keep us humble, and be a source of encouragement to those who are in the storm of their life. The Lord never uses our background as a bargaining chip to get his way, he does however use it to remind us of where we came from to humble us when we get too proud. Our background is a useable resource for the Kingdom of G-d because we can reach the broken in spirit, those who are at the end of their rope, and a welcoming hand to those who were/are lost. Today our world has gone in search of many schemes but they all will come full circle to the cross and then the throne. We are not able to legislate morality however, we can be the gentle hand and voice that welcomes them home. My prayer for you today is that you will be the gentle hand and voice to welcome them to the cross

Readings: Psalms 107, Ecclesiastes 7:27-29, Genesis 41:9-15

Famous Quotes:


Thank you for a bright new day in your love. The work you are doing to heal our land is nothing short of amazing! I know that you answer my prayers not because I am an example of a “pristine individual” but that out of humility and faith answered my request. I pray for my city, state, nation, and the people from all walks of life and profession. In the words of St Francis Assisi, help me to be an instrument of your love. May your good Spirit rest upon my readers, family, and those I meet today.


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