Morning Encouragement for 8/23/2022

Good Morning!

In Psalms 119:57-72, David speaking, he says “The Lord is mine. …”. For something to be “ours”, it means we are accountable for care and maintenance. If we do not respect that which belongs to us by being abusive to them, we will not have them very long because those items will break down and fall apart. Similarly, when we do not treat our relationship with the Lord by abusing the relationship and being disobedient, will not remain in a covenant with Him before He casts us out. Choosing to serve the Lord is a personal choice that requires work on our part. Consider the customer who is purchasing a car. Each car comes with an instruction book that is usually ignored and left in the glovebox in the sealed bag. The book contains valuable information about its specific settings, maximum weight the vehicle can operate safely trailer, which lightbulbs are needed, tire pressure settings, and maintenance intervals. If we ignore these specifics, we damage the car and the warranty will be voided. Similarly,, when we come to the Lord, there are requirements and maintenance items that need to be attended to if we want to grow in faith. The Kings of Ancient Israel were required to handwrite 613 commandments from the 2nd book of the law or the Mitzvot Torah (Talmud Malkkot 23b) (Deuteronomy). Fortunately, we are not required to remember all of G-d’s laws instead, we have two to remember and meditate on. When we meditate on these two laws, we will do that which pleases the Lord.

Readings: Psalms 119:57-72, Matthew 22:34-46, 1 Peter 3:11-21, Psalms 91:16, Deuteronomy 17:18, Romans 10

Famous Quote:

God imposeth no Law of Righteousness upon us which He doth not observe Himself. – BENJAMIN WHICHCOTE


How can one learn what you require of him/her unless he/she first immerse themselves in you? How can one know the truth if they do not study what you require of them? Without the three being in agreemen,t there is no way we can know what you require of us or how can we know the true G-d (1 John 5:6-11). Without them Lord, we are simply people guessing about the truth of salvation and establishing our righteousness, not yours. We need you so desperately today Father, we need the atoning blood, and forgiveness for the mess we have made of our lives. I pray for revival across this great nation, heating of the land, and Your good spirit operating in and through our lives. Many have stood in public places stating that we do not need you well, those people do not speak for me. Violence has reached epic proportions as people rise up to demand change all the while being no better than the people they protesting against. Our financial system is in a disarray and is not getting better no matter what our politicians say. Businesses across the land and the globe have ceased to operate with a strong moral bearing and when it comes to schools? the less said the better. I plead the blood of Jesus over my city, state, and nation Lord. Please do not destroy this nation but rise up prayer warriors as never before Lord. I pray for our military, EMTs, Police, teachers, preachers, and medical staff.


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