Daily Bible Reading for 9/22/2022

Judges 18

Psalms 106:24-48

Proverbs 14:23-35

Isaiah 45

1 King 9:10-28

Judges 18 – Danites Take the Levite and the Idol. The Danites had not yet received their inheritance. Earlier they sent out scouts to survey the land. When the scouts heard the voice of the Levite they went to the home where he was staying. They asked the young priest whether or not their journey would be successful. The Levite uttered an answer that was favorable to the scouts so they left and returned to the community. When asked about it, the scouts retold their story about the land they were going to capture. An integral part of the land was the ephod, the priests, and the idol. The Danites mounted up and attacked the peaceful community and took the priest, ephod, and idol. The phrase “isn’t better to be a priest for a nation rather than a person” parallels the high Priest, Caiaphas’ comment “one man should die for a nation than for a nation to die for one man” (John 11:47 – 53).

Psalms 106:24-48 – Israel’s Story. When Israel went out of Egypt it was a great day the people were excited about this “land flowing with milk and honey”. The problem was the obstacles they had to cross compelled them to complain. Before crossing the river the people murmured because of the poor report 10 of the 12 spies uttered. This provoked the Lord to rattle their cages as a wake-up call. People, like Phineas, staved off utter destruction. The word “Meribah” means “quarrel” because it is the place where the people quarreled against Moses and Aaron (32 to 33). Moses uttered rash words saying, “must we bring forth water from this rock” and then Moses hit the rock with his staff. The rock did pour forth water problem was, Moses received the glory, not God. When people went into the new land, they were told to remove the people from the land so that Israel would not learn the ways of the people (34 – 39).

Proverbs 14:23-35 – Solomon’s Wisdom. Solomon had a way with words. People would come from miles around to listen to him. The problem is all the right words are useless when we allow sin to reign in our lives. Envy is a poison that ruins everything it touches (30). Oppression is not something mankind can live with but is very good in doing it to others (31). The reason wisdom makes itself known in the presence of foolishness is, the fruit speaks louder than the words (33). Sin ruins the nation as much as ruins the individual (34).

Isaiah 45:1-13 – Cyrus the Lord’s Anointed. Cyrus is anointed to be Israel’s benefactor. The Lord would go before Cyrus breaks down the walls. The purpose of this scenario is to set the stage for the ending of the exile. Cyrus had but to ask for what he needed. The world belongs to the Lord and every city, community, and nation in it. Cyrus was a man, not a god. If the Lord had not been by his side, Cyrus would never have known the power of the Lord God if he had not been given the authority.

1 King 9:10-28 – Solomon’s Other Acts. After 20 years of building, Solomon entered a dangerous time. This is the point where Solomon’s head is turned in favor of the foreign-born wives. Solomon’s wisdom didn’t end because of sin. Hiram had provided Solomon with all of the wood he would need in exchange for a choice plot of land. Solomon gave Hiram a plot of land that he didn’t want and is called Cabul. The nations that were living on land that was not Israel had been conscripted as slaves which is the same thing Egypt did to them centuries earlier.

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