Daily Bible Readings for 10/30/2022

Matthew 11:1-19

Psalms 119:113-120

Proverbs 31

Jeremiah 4

2 Kings 6:24-33

Matthew 11:1-19 – Messengers from John the Baptist. John was imprisoned for daring to confront Herod and Herodias for violating the Mosaic law concerning marriage. Herodias was still married to Herod’s brother which is where John pointed fault of these two individuals. Probably because of depression, John sent messengers to ask if he was the one or someone else,. A pastoral friend of mine that this incident that Jesus’ response had John heard directly would have been overjoyed and strengthened for whatever health he would face. The world does not know what it wants. Not knowing what you want needs to duplicity in decision-making.

Psalms 119:113-120 – David’s Psalm. No matter what the world does, the Lord holds us accountable for our actions. David unlike many of the other kings followed the Mosaic law about writing down a copy of the law. This writing he kept with him all the days of his life so that he would know the right path from the wrong path. While we are not required to write a copy of the law for ourselves, we do have the word that we are to copy on the tablets of our hearts so that we do know the wrong from the right. The world has its ways we hold in our hands the truth that has never changed. “You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in your word” (verse 114).

Proverbs 31 – The Words of King Lemuel. We are not told who King Lemuel is but it is conceivable that it is Solomon on his wedding day. The Oracle speaks to how the king will carry himself throughout the days of his reign. Specifically, he is warned about prostitution, misuse of the food supply, and ensuring his life only to the Lord. The woman who fears the Lord has everything she needs judgment on and watches carefully over the pile of food so that the family would be able to eat. This one is more precious jewels and riches that the individual possessed. This woman is judicious in all of her ways.

Jeremiah 4 – Letter to the Inhabitants of Samaria. The people of Samaria and Judah had become evil. There was no remedy for the land except for letting it rest for 70 years. What the Lord had to do against Samaria and Judea was not pleasant because it meant halting David’s seed and letting them suffer. The problem is that despite famine many lined up to get their bodies for the coming attack. Of course, no better how bad the situation was there would be people that would believe that they are impenetrable to the attack either because he made a vow or they have the income to use (verse 30).

2 Kings 6:24-33 – Ben-Hadad’s Siege of Samaria. King Ben-Hadad laid siege to the gates of Samaria. During this time the famine and land become so bad that people were buying the worst things like that a donkey for large sums of money. The King blamed Elisha for the disaster that I come upon the land. The reason they blamed Elisha was that Elisha had said it would happen because of civil disobedience. This set the stage for the battle of wills. The easiest thing in the world to do is blame the Lord for the disaster even though it was not him who caused it. The messenger’s statement to Elisha was, “This trouble is from the Lord! Why should I wait for the Lord any longer?” (Verse 33).

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