Morning Encouragement for 10/30/2022

There is a fact about life that is hard for us to comprehend that is, we can have things for so long that we take them for granted. As an example, children who have been raised in times of wealth, begin to expect a level of living in which wealth allows them to have the niceties. When the wealth is depleted or a job that is afforded goes away it is almost like culture shock. In the time between the completion of the conquest of Canaan and the rise of the kings, the tribes had forgotten what it took to win the land. They forgot about the Lord and all that He had done for them. When the nation was invaded all of the things that define the nation was taken away which humiliated the people. The USA prided itself on being the center of power only to find out how fragile it really was. In 2001 on that infamous day in September when our bluff was called and the nation suffered a tremendous loss we lost more than just two buildings. My point is the soul thing is this, God gives us things for his glory but when we begin to think that we possess things “those things” slip from our fingers simply as the crown slipped from the head of the king when his nation was overrun. I encourage you today to cherish those who were in your life and the gifts that he would have been so graciously given and never taken for granted.

Verse: Deuteronomy 28, Hebrews 13, Romans 10:5-15, Psalms 116

Famous Quote: “We never know the worth of water till the well is dry” – Thomas Fuller


you gave us much in life, you meet our needs, and you lift us up. The problem with humans and I am no exception, they have these things in our life for so long that we forget what is like not having them. You provided a wife that would complement me. You provided a source of income a home and things that I needed. Please forgive me for every time I took them for granted. Life is precious to you father and you greatly appreciate and respect us. Help me today to always have our gratitude that I would always bless you with my life. I pray for my family Lord that you watch over them and keep each one of them safe. I pray for our military or in the United States and across the world Lord that you watch over them and their families. I pray for our law-enforcement and EMT communities Lord that she would get home safely at the end of their shifts. We do not need more stuff when your heart is forever gracious Lord may be pleased with me today in all that I do in Jesus’ name amen.


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