Daily Bible Reading 9/18/2021

Reading #1 – Numbers 17:

Reading #2 – Psalms 118:1-13

Reading #3 – Job 21:27-34                                 

Reading #4 – Matthew 14

Reading #5 – Hebrews 11



Numbers 17 – Aaron’s Staff Buds. After the grumbling from Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, tells Moses to bring the staff from each of the tribal leaders. The reason for this was to address the next grumbling that could possibly occur (1-3). After the tribal leader’s staff were collected, they were placed in the temple with no one inside. Each of the 12 staff was labeled according to its owner. The next day Moses went into the Temple and Aaron’s staff budded and blossomed with almonds (8-11). So the people glommed onto the wrong message because they then feared for their lives “this G_d is Real and we are doomed” (12-13). The reason G_d did this was to forever answer who is His anointed which means we are under orders to obey His anointed.

Psalms 118:1-13 – His Steadfast Love Endures Forever. In this world, the word “love” is carelessly used and many look down on the Lord’s intended meaning. The word used in this Psalm for love is the Hebrew word “Hesed” which is the most significant word for love (Words_For_Love). To be loved by G_d implies that He cares for us beyond anything in His Kingdom because we are His children. In Greek, the word is translated as “Agape” which means “Self-Sacrifice”. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross of Golgotha cost Him everything because even the Lord G_d turned His back on Jesus (Matthew 27:46, Hebrews 12:2). So when the writer says “the steadfast love of the Lord endures forever”, it means “unconditionally” and we will always welcome us back into His kingdom no matter where we have journeyed or how stinky the pig pen we found ourselves in (1-4). Those who have traveled on the dark side know what the world says about us after they catch us in the pits when we claimed “Jesus is Lord” and this is very painful. The thing is, the Devil will always tell us “now you did it, G_d can’t possibly have any more use for you” but I will tell you, “nothing can be further from the truth” (5-7). For this reason, we can find refuge in the Lord and find strength in our hour of need (8-13).

Job 21:27-34 – Job Replies: The Wicked Do Prosper. Job’s friends argued that the only plausible cause for Job’s issues was that he was a wicked man. Now it would seem that the three counselors were not friends at all but simply leeches yet, according to an online document, this is part and parcel of contemporary Jewry relationships (Jewish culture); basically, they argued rigorously and used the Torah as their source.

Matthew 14 – The Death of John the Baptist. John the Baptist stood up against King Herod the one man the nation greatly feared. Herodias was Herod Antipas’ brother Philip’s wife but she wanted to be the queen so she succored Herod into a sexual relationship which was against Jewish law (Exodus 20:14). The thing is Herod Antipas’ father, Herod the Great, was an Edomite or a relative of Saul it was for that reason that he did not necessarily adhere to Jewish law partly because he was a Hellenized Jew (partly Greek, Roman, and Jew); the only reason he would rebuild the temple was to garner the support of the Jews. The thing Herodias did not consider when deciding to end John’s life, was that guilt is a powerful tool of the Devil to control his prey (8-11).

Hebrews 11 – Heroes of the Faith. Faith says, “though I can’t see it yet I know that the Lord has a plan” (1-3). There is a Latin expression Maxima enim, patientia virtus” or “Patience is a virtue”. The Greek word for “faith” is “Pistis” which literally translates as “a personification of good, trust, and reliability.” So when you put this chapter into view, it means “I will be reliable even though I have not seen G_d move in my life and everything appears to be coming off of the rails; yet, I will never surrender my post. When Jesus calls on me, He can be assured I will be up, dressed, and ready for service” (Luke 12:35-36) What follows in the remaining segment is referred to as the “Heroes Hall of Fame”. These people are listed because they are the diaspora’s lineage and they are listed in Torah, Nevi’im, Ketuvim. The faith that scripture talks about is not “blind obedience”, it knows life is not at its best but if we hold on for a little while longer and trust the Lord G_d, He will come through in ways we cannot possibly comprehend.