URGENT Call To Prayer

Good morning,

I was awoken early this morning to pray over the finances of this nation. The Lord impressed upon my heart that our financial standing is at a tipping point. We could blame COVID for the disaster but the truth is, this nation has been misled by its leaders into spending money it doesn’t have and committed to causes that lined their pockets. According to what I understand, our financial empire is built upon a fiat currency meaning, it is not backed by physical currency like gold and silver. While it is good that the government can always print more money but it weakens the value of the money. It is for this reason that the prices of commodities have risen to the point that a subway footlong sub is to over $14.00 as of yesterday.

To give you some background of where this nation, the USA, is currently, let me tell you a sad story. Under King David and the early reign of Solomon, the nation flourished something the Devil did not want so he sent in people to persuade the kings to make foolish crucial mistakes; let’s call it an “Achilles Heel” David’s was Bathsheba, and Solomon’s was “foreign-born women”. The kingdom was divided after Solomon’s death and that was where the fruit from the seeds Solomon planted took root. Because the nation has turned its back on the Lord, Israel endured times of being plundered, having their beautiful temple robbed of the gold and silver to pay debts. In 586BCE, the Lord gave Israel and many of the kingdoms of the time over to Babylon. So, Babylon became the Commerce Center of the known world at that time. The problem is that the Devil does not want peace and that is what occurred at the end of the conquests. The Devil’s instrument is “enticement” that is, to start inward and let the seed flow outward. Once the seed is planted, the Devil’s work is done as far as that person is concerned. Babylon eventually crumbled leading to the Medio/Persian war in 539. This was could have spelled the end of Israel’s hopes hadn’t Daniel, Bigthana, Ezra, Nehemiah, and many others not stood in the gap praying for the nation. Israel was expelled from Palestine in 70CE and would have to fight tooth and nail to get a small sliver of it back in 1947-48.

Today, the USA needs people to stand in the gap for her, the financial mess, and for the people of the land. Trusting our government to keep your best interests at heart is foolishness. People, we need the Lord G-d actively working in our land. If we chose to sit on the sidelines at a time like this, this nation will crumble and we will lose the freedoms we so highly desire. IF we do not pray for the peace of the USA, we will accept by proxy the destruction of our great land. I had a dream the other night in which I heard two people talking, the one said to the other “They have spent it all on COVID so will have nothing left for the greater storm that is coming”.  


 I pray for this fat happy nation. You have promised that if we allow sin to prevail in the land, we will inherit the wind and that is what we are getting. No one, in particular, is to blame because “sin” is everybody’s problem and we need to arise as a nation to seek your forgiveness. Just as Daniel repented for the nation as a whole, and that included himself, so I pray for this nation. I pray that people will arise across the world to pray for their nations and seek the Lord’s forgiveness. I plead the blood of Jesus over this nation that Lord you will withhold your sword of destruction that has ravaged this nation. Please help us to seek your face Lord and turn from our wicked ways. I know Father that repenting doesn’t mean an “automatic flip of the switch and favor resides on the land”.  Just as the remnant returned to rebuild Jerusalem, help us to rebuild this nation. May your Shekinah glory shine about this nation to guide us in the path you will have for us.