What Price Are You Willing to Pay?

When I was a child, I wanted to play the guitar and talked incessantly about it. I’d go to the base exchange and look at the guitars and even put it on my Christmas wishlist. So, one year I got a toy guitar for Christmas and later on a student guitar. While attending Sacred Heart school, notices were passed around offering guitar lessons and I wanted to go to it. When I asked my parents about it they said, “maybe” and left it at that which, meant “let me think about it.” My dad was in the Air Force so money was scarce but I had saved up my allowance plus babysitting money so my parents signed the slip. Eventually, the classes dwindled and then came to a halt so it was the end of my lessons. From this point on, I had to practice on my own which I failed miserably at. As time went on, I picked the guitar up and banged out a few notes imaging myself playing at the level of my favorite musician Roy Clark. I ended up selling the guitar that my parents worked so hard to buy and that was the end of my dream. My point in this story is that having a dream is great but the price tag is where dreams either come to life or, come to an end.

We ask G_d to do great things in our life like, “grow my faith”, “help me to be a good parent”, and/or “I want to minister like Paul.” The thing is, He doesn’t pour out seeds of these things, He provides opportunities. These “opportunities” come with a price tag. Consider Paul’s ministry from the Damascus road meeting until his death how he planted churches, he healed the young man who fell out of the window and had a faith that no death sentence could knock out of him. Can people be like Paul or Billy Graham yet today? Absolutely! The problem will always be the dreaded “price tag”. While it would be great to have faith like Paul, it comes at a price but the rewards are greater than we can believe possible.  

Becoming Jesus’ disciple is easy just confess your sins and ask Him into your heart; if that’s all there was to it, everybody and their brother would be His disciple. It is said, “Salvation is free but discipleship will cost you everything” (Dietrich Bonhoeffer). The price tag of discipleship is changing the course and direction of our life When your life sucks or you are living in a squaller, coming salvation is a “no brainer” but if you are living large, you might be more resistant to full commitment. Either way, you look at it, there will come a time when you will pay the price and you will most likely grumble about it.

Remember this, getting saved does not make the messes of our life mysteriously go away, marital issues are not automatically resolved, and/or physical wounds erased; if the physical wounds were healed, Jesus would not have wounds on his hands and feet. Getting saved means that the guilt of our sin (the problem we caused) is forgiven by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony (Revelations 12:11). Because we are forgiven, the breach between us and the Lord G_d has been mended and He can now help us to resolve the issues sort of like the young man in Luke 11. The problem is, the people that were hurt by our actions will in all likelihood hold a grudge against us no matter what we say or do. So why should we even come to the Lord? The reason is, sin holds us in prison for our misgivings and will not let us go until the keeper of the key opens the door and it begins by prayer and confession; once the door is unlocked, it is up to us to push it open or stay inside and complain about our misfortune(s).

 My prayer for the reader is that no matter what you are going through, you will take the first step towards reconciliation.