My Bible Reading Plan

For more than 14 years now, I have been following a reading plan that I got from Chick tracts. While I do not endorse nor agree with everything the site puts out, I found this plan to be very effective and life-transforming and I wanted to give them credit. The plan calls for five chapters per day from five different areas. I found the best way to keep my place, is to use either card-stock or bookmarks. Starting anything requires time and persistence. You will find in the notes my personal thoughts many of which are written in my Bible; these are not scripted thoughts nor well researched, simply personal observations. My hope and prayer is that if even one person catches the fire and spreads it to another generation, all that I write in this web page would be worth the time and money I have invested in it.

Reading #1 – Genesis – Ruth then Matthew – Acts

Reading #2 – 1 Samuel – Job then Romans – Revelations

Reading #3 – Psalms

Reading #4 – Proverbs, Ecclesiastics, Songs, and Lamentations

Reading #5 – Matthew – Acts then Isaiah – Malachi